Postcards 14/11/16

I have edit my photos in different ways: digitally in Photoshop, drawing over it and cutting and sticking other images. I have done 15 postcards.

On this image I wrote the theme of my projects in not normal letters . I created these letters by cutting and pasting the straight pose of my model. I think it is looks unordinary and so interesting.

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 19.23.19.png

I really like how this image looks and how I added different shades of neutrals.


Also some of my photos I added in comics style , because it makes my postcard more interesting and funny. People like funny things. I added greek sculpture on this photo,because my model was staying on the same thing as sculptures in the museum and I just joined this ideas together and also add funny “thought” of greek statue.


Next 2 photos I painted in style of the illustrator Jenny Walton, who I have researched.



Furthermore I have edit not only photos made by me, but also some images from internet in neutral colors.


I liked the idea of adding some text on the postcards and it makes people think more about the image and they have more thoughts and their own opinion, which they can discuss.


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