Photoshop edit of postcards

Mainly I edited my photos for postcard by using the technique , that our teacher shown us on the lessons of photoshop exercises.

First Editing

This is the original photo:

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 18.51.47.png

  1. I opened a file with the original photo
  2. After I opened a file with the same photo, but in image rotation I flipped canvas horizontal and by using magnetic lasso tool I selected my model

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 18.57.10.png

4. Then I have transfered it one the first file and fix it like my model hold her hand and looks in her eyes.

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 19.03.42.png

5.  I saw in her eyes a little bit of narcissism and I decided to add a bag in shape of heart . This bag is the same brand as my model wears. Also I added a text ‘ me+me=ysl”.

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 19.08.03.png

Second Editing

On this image I took agirl from illustration by Blair Breitenstein, an artist about whom I have researched before.

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 19.22.49.png
Original photo

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 19.29.55.png

I have done the same work as in the first editing, but this time I used brush tool with opacity 31% and I drawn a hat,sunglasses and a bag. When I placed a bag, I pushed ‘command T’  and made it in more real slope.

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 19.34.50.png

This is the final edit.

For another photos I also have done the same editing, sometime adding brush,gradient tool or changing hue and saturation.




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