Final Evaluation

Our projects is called ‘ Colour is everywhere, find it and explore it’. I have challenge my perception of colour and my understanding of it.

For the theme of my project I chose ‘Neutrals’, because these colors are colors from nature and as we are part of it, all people react calmly and are easy in their minds when they see neutrals. Neutrals can transfer different types of mood of the person and thats why I really like them. When a person wears neutrals, he can be assure and adjust colors to suit their mood.

Firstly I have done mind map, mood board. By doing this , I understood where to begin. Furthermore , I researched about neutrals for better realizing about these colours. For primary research I have done outfits in, fashion collages and fashion illustrations. A lesson, where our teachers explained how to do selection with magic tools really helped me and I used this technique when I was editing my photos for final work -postcards.

For secondary research I wrote about bloggers,brands,models,style icons and illustrators. It was not difficult for me to find all these artists , because neutrals are my favorite colours and I know which brands and fashion people use different shades of them. I have not got any problems with photo plan and styling, because I used my own clothes and friend`s accessories for the final outfit.

The illustrators from my secondary research inspired me when I was editing my postcards by drawing on top of photos. I used their techniques of drawing in my editing. My final work shows my strength in photography and skills in combing clothes and creating matching outfits . I think that I have done well my work, because I tried my best and I also have managed my time well. I want to learn more about editing in Photoshop, because it is very important thing , if I am planning to study this subject.It would also be interesting to do the same project but with another color for develop my knowledge.

From the project I have learnt how to show the mood and how to influence by using colour. I have gained a knowledge in Photoshop , that I will need for my future study and I know how to incarnate my ideas into work.


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