Secondary Research part2

For me , the easiest was to find the brands for my research, because I just wrote about one of my favorite. This was so useful, because I known new information about them.


I adore the style and clothes of brand The Row. Ideal combo of all neutral palette . Especially only The Row uses a big amount of shades of one color. The Acne is more sporty. I like neutrals, because you can wear them in different types of style and you will look stylish.


I chose fashion illustrator Blair Breitenstein , because she draw with neutral colors of watercolor. I like her combination ob light and dark neutrals. Talking about brand Helmut Lang, he is known for his simple , but refined designs. Neutrals are basic clouts of his collections.


The last brand about which I wrote is Max Mara.I selected this brand , because I like how it uses simple and elegant lines,bright,warm neutral colors. The second illustrator is Jenny Walton. Jenny uses rough , abstract and clear lines in her works. I like style of drawing and I want use it for my final design for postcards.


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