Secondary Research Fashion Promotion 09/11/16

For my secondary researched I wrote about bloggers,brand,illustrators and models. It was not so difficult to find these artists, because I have already know them, except fashion illustrators.


I follow these bloggers on Instagram and I like their style, especially how they can wear the same combination of colors and look elegant and casual. Their looks are basic and simple , but at the same time delicate and chic .


As neutrals are my favorite colors, when I chose this theme for my project , I have already know the designers about whose I can write. Chloe is moreĀ feminine, romantic and soft that Marni. Marni’s collections are not always in neutral colors. I can divide Marni in 2 styles : first one consist of colorful, bright and vivid prints and second is that Marni, which I chose for my project. Basically Marni uses dark shades of neutrals.


Super models and style icons Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. I can not explain how perfectly they combine all the clothes. Fashion best friends chose light shades of neutrals .







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