Photoshoot Plan 10/11/16

My THEME for project is NEUTRALS.


I chose neutral colors, because they are so pleasant to the eye, delicate and also suitable for all types and perfectly combine to another shades of neutrals and all other colors. It is the color of nature and I think that all people love this palette, because we are part of the nature.


Also neutrals easily can be combined with other more colorful colors or different prints. I want to communicate calm,but at the same time youthful mood for showing that these colors can transfer different types of mood and when woman wear  neutrals , they can be assure and adjust the colors to suit their mood.


I am planning make a photoshoot at the enter of Fitzwilliam Museum. I chose it because there are enough places , where I can catch a good foreshortening. Furthermore, this building made in light and dirty neutral colors and this is what I need. The background will not blend with the outfit of my model , because all the shades are different. I am really excited to make the photos!




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