Primary Research Fashion Promotion 07/11/16

Firstly, for primary research I have done some fashion collage by printing and cutting images in neutral colors. For me , finding the pictures was not difficult, because neutrals are my favorite colors and I know where and how I can find all that I need.


For every collage I invented titles that can describe it:

  • enigmatic
  • snug
  • liberated
  • youthful
  • sensual
  • audacious

Also I created outfits on in neutrals , to have some ideas for my future final outfit. For the first sheet I used only light shades and for the second I added darker neutrals.



I liked more the combination of light neutral colors like ivory,cream,sand,nude,beige and light grey. I am planning to use them for the final outfit.

Further , I drawn some illustrations and I really like how my outfits look. I enjoy the process of primary research, because it it always useful and interesting search for new themes.


When I saved different images for collages and moodboard, I began to represent what I want to make for the final work, but I did not know exactly and when I continued to do a research, more ideas came to my mind . My imagination started to create my own ideas.


More illustrations  in a new style.


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