‘ The Expanded Field’ Performance and Installation Art 08/11/16

Fashion is about bodies; it is produced, promoted and worn by bodies. It is the body that fashion speaks to and it is the body that must be addressed in almost all social encounters.

Fashion use a body and a space. There are a lot of fashion installations, where you can clothes not as something wearable , but as a piece of art.

Fashion Art Installation



Step into the galleries and you have entered another world, in this case, the run-down overblown grandeur of a stately mansion created out of plastic and styrofoam by exhibition designer Sam Gainsbury. The moody Goth/Glam atmosphere invoked, for me, an atmosphere of rebellion and resistance, themes that seem to be consistent with the punk movement.

By fashion people can now about art. For example, Punk’s signature mixing of references was fueled by artistic developments such as Dada and postmodernism, so it makes sense to present this exhibition in a museum that also shows the broader output of those movements.

Napkin fashion up cycling installation

One more good example how thru fashion space people can give information.

The installation took place in Tehnopolis, Gazi for the purposes of the DoitEco Project. Napkins and souverres provided by King George Hotel, sponsor of the event, were used in an unexpected way to create a three-dimensional folding surface.

A handcrafted female form, using upcycling, was created as a means to incorporate a sustainable and more ethical vision for the fashion industry. Napking acts as a mediator between creative expression, everyday life, and sustainability and aims to broaden the creative and entrepreneurship field. DoitEco project is an international enterprise that aims to raise sustainable awareness in the fashion industry and its associate practises.

Diesel Denim Gallery Illustration


Japanese architect Makoto Tanijiri has completed this latest store installation for the Diesel Denim Gallery in Aoyama in Tokyo, Japan.

 Entitled ‘Nature Factory’, the installation is made out of plastic plumbing pipes and joints to create a series of tree-like forms inside the signature store.

The concept of the installation is based on a single idea – the Garden – taking a walk through nature while the plumbing pipe grows into the store, covering the ceiling and the walls with branches.The new look of the store demonstrates how functional items such as plumbing and fashion are given a whole new meaning when used creatively and a higher value.The Diesel Denim Gallery, functions as a signature store for the well-known fashion brand, Diesel, as well as a gallery space for art installations and exhibits throughout the year showcasing talented rising artists.”


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