Photoshop Editing 03/11/16

Original Picture

  • Firstly, after I opened the original picture , I created new layer , where I can edit it in different ways. I clicked layer>adjustment layer and I selected Hue/Saturation to make my image more pinky. ( Hue -33, Saturation +28)
  • After that I chose to change the picture with brush tool . Also I changed the mood of tool to ‘dissolve’ and it looks like spray spot. ( one blue spot and one pink)
  • Next step is not so visible. I used brush and changed mood on ‘pin light’ and drawn on model`s face.
  • Then by using brush again, but this time in mood named ‘linear dodge’ I drawn a spiral on the right of the picture.


  • I created new file and fill it with color from my picture. On this file I will transfer some pieces from first file.
  • I selected ‘lasso’ tool to draw around the bag and add it to my new file.
  • As you can see I decide to create the same picture as my first work with dress, by placing the bag in different places.
  • I have done the same work , but with ‘rectangular marquee tool’ , which select object with some background.
  • After I decide to select a flower , so I zoom the photo , because I can select it better.

Here is my final work in PS. I also selected small piece of clouds and added spots by using brush in different colors and sizes.




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