C+CS Primary Research Project Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, Norwich


Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts is a high-tech architecture building founded in 1978 by architect Norman Foster. It was built for for show that the study of art should be an informal, pleasurable experience, not bound by the traditional enclosure of object and viewer. As a result the Sainsbury Centre is much more than a conventional gallery, where the emphasis is on art in isolation. Instead, it integrated a number of related activities within a single , light-filled space.

  • Picador 1943 (sculpture), Pablo Gargallo, Spain , size- height: 19.5cm., width: 38cm., material : copper sheet, technique: welding, patinated and riveted.

“Picador is a compelling expression of the Cubist aesthetic in three dimensions, as well as an example of the integral role Spanish artists had in the development of Modernism.” (http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/ecatalogue/2013/impressionist-modern-art-day-sale-l13007/lot.324.html )

In this sculpture I like the interesting way how the author played with planes,forms and lines. This object interests me, because its done by not volumetric form like oval or circle, but by the same thin slices of iron. Pablo just bended pieces of this material. It is simple, but all the details like chin in for of spiral ,  extended line like nose.

This work can influence my fashion specialism work by its different lines and smooth and acute shapes.



  • Take a Handful of Dust, John Christie ,2000, relief and chine-collé print.

This object interested me, because of combination of earth colours and beautiful print of Canberra. As my specialism is fashion , the colour is one of the most important thing. The colouring of red iron or dark burgundy and yellow ochre and dark green with print of plant reminds me colour combination of landscape . Thru these shades I can transfer mood and feelings of our nature.


  • Imaginary Portrait of Pope Pius XII, 1955, size: 108.6 x 75.6 cm, oil on canvas  mounted on cardboard

This painting to me seems almost ethereal due to the faint white over the dark background just gives it this essence of the paranormal. But the thing that find most unsettling much like the last two is the face and the lack of relatable features it has creating this sense of ambiguity and the unknown.

I think that a faceless person or someone hiding their whether it be with a cloak or mask is creepy. its that sense of the unknown and not wanting to know what is beneath the mask. This painting can influence on my work in fashion by its texture of paint brush and its mysterious.


  • Flower, Nobuyoshi Araki , 50 X 60 CM

Images of flowers are often seen in the background or are the subjects themselves of Araki’s photos, but as we might expect from a man described as an erotomaniac, their presence is by no means innocuous. Their shapes and forms usually represent the female.

This photo of flower might inspire me its bright color in the center of picture, that further muted . I really like the texture of petal, especially how it torn at the end.


Flower still life , 2001


  • The two sister 1926, Jules Pascin, oil on canvas, 61 x 51.2 cm.

In this painting I like how simply the artist shown a family of two sisters. This drawing can influence on my work in my specialism , because the color combination is so attractive. Pale colours look so pleasurable and also I like the black outline, which makes the work more visible.


  • Imaginary Portrait of Philipp II 1969, Antonio Saura, oil on paper, 70.2 x 50 cm.

I chose to write about surrealism painting by Saura , because its strange and queer in a good way. I liked the different types of using paint brush , all spots and chaotic lines. I admire the shapes , that I can se on the ‘face’ , they might influence my work.







Final Evaluation

Our projects is called ‘ Colour is everywhere, find it and explore it’. I have challenge my perception of colour and my understanding of it.

For the theme of my project I chose ‘Neutrals’, because these colors are colors from nature and as we are part of it, all people react calmly and are easy in their minds when they see neutrals. Neutrals can transfer different types of mood of the person and thats why I really like them. When a person wears neutrals, he can be assure and adjust colors to suit their mood.

Firstly I have done mind map, mood board. By doing this , I understood where to begin. Furthermore , I researched about neutrals for better realizing about these colours. For primary research I have done outfits in polypore.com, fashion collages and fashion illustrations. A lesson, where our teachers explained how to do selection with magic tools really helped me and I used this technique when I was editing my photos for final work -postcards.

For secondary research I wrote about bloggers,brands,models,style icons and illustrators. It was not difficult for me to find all these artists , because neutrals are my favorite colours and I know which brands and fashion people use different shades of them. I have not got any problems with photo plan and styling, because I used my own clothes and friend`s accessories for the final outfit.

The illustrators from my secondary research inspired me when I was editing my postcards by drawing on top of photos. I used their techniques of drawing in my editing. My final work shows my strength in photography and skills in combing clothes and creating matching outfits . I think that I have done well my work, because I tried my best and I also have managed my time well. I want to learn more about editing in Photoshop, because it is very important thing , if I am planning to study this subject.It would also be interesting to do the same project but with another color for develop my knowledge.

From the project I have learnt how to show the mood and how to influence by using colour. I have gained a knowledge in Photoshop , that I will need for my future study and I know how to incarnate my ideas into work.

Photoshop edit of postcards

Mainly I edited my photos for postcard by using the technique , that our teacher shown us on the lessons of photoshop exercises.

First Editing

This is the original photo:

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 18.51.47.png

  1. I opened a file with the original photo
  2. After I opened a file with the same photo, but in image rotation I flipped canvas horizontal and by using magnetic lasso tool I selected my model

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 18.57.10.png

4. Then I have transfered it one the first file and fix it like my model hold her hand and looks in her eyes.

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 19.03.42.png

5.  I saw in her eyes a little bit of narcissism and I decided to add a bag in shape of heart . This bag is the same brand as my model wears. Also I added a text ‘ me+me=ysl”.

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 19.08.03.png

Second Editing

On this image I took agirl from illustration by Blair Breitenstein, an artist about whom I have researched before.

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 19.22.49.png
Original photo

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 19.29.55.png

I have done the same work as in the first editing, but this time I used brush tool with opacity 31% and I drawn a hat,sunglasses and a bag. When I placed a bag, I pushed ‘command T’  and made it in more real slope.

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 19.34.50.png

This is the final edit.

For another photos I also have done the same editing, sometime adding brush,gradient tool or changing hue and saturation.



Postcards 14/11/16

I have edit my photos in different ways: digitally in Photoshop, drawing over it and cutting and sticking other images. I have done 15 postcards.

On this image I wrote the theme of my projects in not normal letters . I created these letters by cutting and pasting the straight pose of my model. I think it is looks unordinary and so interesting.

Снимок экрана 2016-11-15 в 19.23.19.png

I really like how this image looks and how I added different shades of neutrals.


Also some of my photos I added in comics style , because it makes my postcard more interesting and funny. People like funny things. I added greek sculpture on this photo,because my model was staying on the same thing as sculptures in the museum and I just joined this ideas together and also add funny “thought” of greek statue.


Next 2 photos I painted in style of the illustrator Jenny Walton, who I have researched.



Furthermore I have edit not only photos made by me, but also some images from internet in neutral colors.


I liked the idea of adding some text on the postcards and it makes people think more about the image and they have more thoughts and their own opinion, which they can discuss.

Photoshoot 12/11/16

My photoshoot went well as I planned. On Saturday was rain, but it did not prevent me, because I photographed under the museum roof.

Here you can see some photos:



I have done around 150 photos. I like how the model was working and she has shown different moods and poses. The total outfit is perfect and I really like the fact that she can change sneakers on high heels and go in this outfit on date in the restaurant or to another important event. Neutral colors are universal. I already have some ideas how I can make postcard for final work.



Here you can see the perfect outfit, that I want for my photoshoot.


Furthermore I have done some collages, where I have shown some more pieces of clothes and accessories , that also will match for final look.


For doing my final outfit , I chose hat in neutral colour, for creating it more interesting.


I think that eyeglasses will make the look more stylish.


As neutrals are my favourite colors , I have some clothes and accessories in their shades. I went in 2 shops ‘Reiss’ and ‘Whistles’ , for finding some more garment, maybe the better than I have. I went in these shops, because there is a good variety of clothes in different neutral colors. I did not find, that I needed , because my own clothes suit more.



Obviously I chose neutral make-up


  • light pink lips, also I can mix some light shades for create interesting colour
  • beige eyeshadow
  • natural eyebrows


I need a model with short , dark brown hair, because if she will have blonde hair , the outfit will merge with hair and I do not want this effect.



Photoshoot Plan 10/11/16

My THEME for project is NEUTRALS.


I chose neutral colors, because they are so pleasant to the eye, delicate and also suitable for all types and perfectly combine to another shades of neutrals and all other colors. It is the color of nature and I think that all people love this palette, because we are part of the nature.


Also neutrals easily can be combined with other more colorful colors or different prints. I want to communicate calm,but at the same time youthful mood for showing that these colors can transfer different types of mood and when woman wear  neutrals , they can be assure and adjust the colors to suit their mood.


I am planning make a photoshoot at the enter of Fitzwilliam Museum. I chose it because there are enough places , where I can catch a good foreshortening. Furthermore, this building made in light and dirty neutral colors and this is what I need. The background will not blend with the outfit of my model , because all the shades are different. I am really excited to make the photos!