Making Process 18/10/16

I started to change some clothes for better showing the mood of  the painting that inspired me.

Firstly, I cut off colorful sweater exactly in the middle , but not until the top, because it looks more interesting and not so ordinary. I wanted to recreate woman`s coat from the painting.



Then I cut out the sleeves end from purple sweater and added the lines to my “coat”.



After I cut out 4 more pieces from purple sweater and 4 from blue.  I fastened pink striped to the top of beige skirt, that I used like a dress on the mannequin .



I added blue striped on space between scarf and gray-blue jacket,that I put on top of the skirt. By doing this I wanted to show lines structure of strokes of the pain brush , that the artist of the painting has used.



I have had an idea how I can better convey the techniques of drawing on my final design. I took a head band , cut it and attached to scarf. I tried to convey the structure of this part of the painting. I think that its really shows appropriate form.



Also I wanted to create something from the style of woman from the painting and I bought simple white shirt in charity shop and blue bow. I just wanted to show the collar of the shirt.



For accessories I chose a hat and for adding some style from the painting , I cut out a piece from from blue sweater and attached it on the hat. I used the idea of woman`s hat.






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