Ideas and development of final piece

  • Idea


This is my further exploration of my initial idea. I used variety of fabrics such as fur, tweed and knitwear. I showed how I can use material and my drapes for my final design. The color palette , as you can see, consist of different shades of blue and purple with addition of yellow and beige. I chose knitwear for develop my ideas,  because we can see on the painting, that almost all people wear autumn/winter clothes. Also I thinks that knitwear perfectly can show interesting structure that I need .

  • Drawings

After I drew many drapes in different drawing media like colored pencils, oil pastels acrylic,watercolor and marker pen , I started to create ideas for final design. I chose to draw my illustration by using colored pencils, because they can perfectly recreate the structure of the painting , all thin strokes of the paint brush.


Also I have done some design by using photos of my drapes. I changed the size of them and sticked in different places and positions.



I hope you can see how well the colored pencils show all details of fabrics.



  • Styling

For the make up I chose the same one as the woman from the painting has: pink lips and cheeks. Also I will draw lines on model`s eyes , for showing the structure. I chose the main colors from the painting : yellow, blue, light blue and purple. For hair I chose short and dark. Talking about pose/mood/attitude I want recreate the pose of woman from painting and some more that you can see below.




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