“Land Art” Contextual Studies 18/10/16

Land art is a general subject for discussion. This art relates to different specialisation like photography, interior design, craft and so on.

Earth art, also referred to as Land art or Earthworks, is largely an American movement that uses the natural landscape to create site-specific structures, art forms, and sculptures. The movement was an outgrowth of Conceptualism and Minimalism.

Through photography we try to capture a moment in time. Video captures the progression of time in a linear fashion. Painting represents our reality of the moment (or our distortion of it). Sculpture creates a concrete reality of an idea or a representation of a form. Land art doesn’t offer a reflection of a moment in time but the unfolding progression of time (the time the work is viewed) .through time lapse photography, it offers the viewer a way of seeing the processes that are going on all around them and even how their own physical form moves through time.

I think that land art is relate to my specialisation , because in fashion we use natural and organic materials to work with.

S0me designers inspired by nature and land art



Also fashion designers use different materials from nature to create their collection . The garments could be in total harmony with the environment or in total discordance with it. For example, Satuu Maaranen  was intrigued by the astonishing works of many land artists in which the environment has an important role. Therefore he coated some of his fabrics with grass, sawdust or sand. And he also created digital prints of these surfaces. The spontaneous open silkscreen prints resemble different elements and moments in nature, everything from the movement of the sea to the northern lights and summer sunsets.


Furthermore, people in the fashion industry use land art in fashion photography.

Alberto Burri’s Land Art Masterpiece Grand Cretto Stars in Bottega Veneta’s fall ad campaign.


Just last year, after three decades of on-again, off-again construction, Alberto Burri’s land art masterpiece Grand Cretto—a 86,000-square-foot expanse of white concrete blocks in Sicily—was finally completed by the artist’s foundation. And just in time for a troupe of stylish visitors. For Bottega Veneta’s fall fashion campaign, creative director Tomas Maier tapped photographer Viviane Sassen to shoot the collection amid the severe man-made terrain, a memorial to the village of Gibellina, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1968. “It’s more than a backdrop, but rather an added voice to our collaboration,” says Maier of the stunning setting, distinguished by the deep crevices or cretto between each hunk of concrete. In the campaign images—out today—the expansive artwork makes a striking backdrop to midnight-blue frocks, tough leather jackets, and a wild leopard trench, and nods, yet again, to the enduring dialogue between art and fashion.



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