Induction on sewing machine 12/10/16


Today my teacher shown to us how to use the sewing machine safely and how to perform basis sewing tasks.

Before doing some stitches I located the spool spin . This is a small plastic or metal pin that sticks out of the top of the sewing machine, and holds your spool of thread. After I looked for thread quide. The thread guide directs thread from the spool on the top of the machine to the bobbin winder. It is a geometric metal piece that sticks out of the top of the sewing machine on the left side.Later I found bobbin-winder. To the right of the spool pin on top of the sewing machine is another smaller plastic or metal pin, next to a small horizontal wheel. This is the bobbin winder and the bobbin winder stopper. These work together (with the spool of thread) to wind thread onto your bobbin prior to starting sewing. Afterward I looked for the stitch adjustment button. These buttons select the type of stitch you create, the length of the stitch, and the direction of the stitch (forward or in reverse) and looked for the tension dial . The tension dial is a small numbered wheel near the takeup lever. It controls the tension of the thread as you sew; if the tension is too tight, the needle will be pulled to the right. If the tension is too loose, the thread will loop on the bottom of the fabric you are sewing. Next I found the needle  clamp screw . This is a metal piece that holds the needle in place while sewing. It is located under the arm of the sewing machine. After I found the presser foot level and practiced raising and lowering the presser foot. It will be a lever to the right or back of the needle assembly. Then I located the bobbin cover and bobbin release, installed a needle, winded and inserted the bobbin, thread the sewing machine and got both threads out. I practices sewing some seams.



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