GroupTutorial and Source 2nd hand clothes 10/10/16

In the morning our teachers divided all students in 3 groups of 4 people. We presented our work in sketchbook and told about our choice about paintings from museum. After  that we discussed every work and helped each our to choose one painting for further developing.

I chose ” La place Clichy” and my classmates supported my choice. That also prefer this painting because of interesting structure and different kind of shapes , that I can use after . 

I researched about form and process of painting  and I know more details that can help me to create shapes and different draping . This research has influenced my concept by searching facts that I did not know before such as information about surface or range of techniques that artist used.

This week we will be focusing on developing Fashion design ideas inspired by our research.

After presentation I went to 2nd hand Charity shops for searching garment that I feel have some connection with painting that I chose. I have visited about 5-6 shops and found 5 pieces of clothes and 3 accessories that relate to ” La place Clichy”.


Then I created different shapes on the mannequin to draw.


Each shape I draw in different medium like colored pencils,marker pen, oil pastels,acrylic.







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