1st painting research 07/10/16

I selected my most inspiring painting to investigate further. I am really excited to start this project.


First painting  is “La place Clichy” 1880 by Auguste Renoir, oil on canvas. The main reason why I chose this picture , because of combination of monochromic colors and the way how the artist has used strokes of the paint-brush. In my sketchbook I described it and answered question about form,context,content,process and mood in mind map.


In my mood board I tried to convey the mood of the picture and showed what kind of fabrics I can use.


Also for my painting I draw a sketch of it and completed 7 drawings of sections of my painting that inspired me. I used drawing media like oil pastels,cutting paper, colored pencils,watercolor and marker pen.

I have not found this work so difficult, because I like drawing and it is really interesting to try different drawing media to paint one painting. I compared how all art materials can show the structure and color of original one. Also I have learnt how to interpret a painting thru different shapes .


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