Fashion Design .London Mood. Group Project 03/10/16

We were divided into groups of 3 people. We should have done research about fashion designer’s spring/summer 2017 collection from London Fashion Week and create a mind map,produce a mood board, draw and use some shapes from paper on the mannequin.

I have picked randomly designer Lou Dalton. For research we divided our work. I wrote information about styling and catwalk and after research ,together we discussed potential customer profile for this collection.



Here you can some variants of our mood board.





Furthermore, we took photos for each section of our mind map .We have tried to create a board that will express the mood of collection. I was pleasantly surprised that we have got menswear , because I am interested in womanswear and this is really good experience to do a search for something new.

We chose 2 shapes from collection : stripes and waterproof fabric that looks like crumpled paper. We draw the shapes onto paper in different sizes and cut out it. After that, we used these shapes to drape on the stand.





We have tried to create different ideas for the shapes. We cut out stripes and used the negative of the paper firstly as decoration on the waist, but when we rolled this piece and put it on chest of mannequin. Also we have remade our pieces of shapes.





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