World Fashion Moments Inspired by Surrealism 28/09/16 (research)

My topic in photography rotation is Surrealism , and as I am interested in fashion and I want to chose it as my main specialization, I have done some research of World Fashion Moments Inspired by Surrealism.

  • Marc Jacobs , 2008


” I do like the idea of not real , because everything is real in some way and it is sort of misplacing or taking things out of context that makes them odd,interesting, and different,” said Marc Jacobs of the impetus behind his spring 2008 “backwards” collection, in which the show was presented in reverse, models wore hats featuring eyes, multiple handbags were dissected and patched together, and heels were placed on the wrong end of shoes, among other surrealistic pranks. ” It is all very confusing , and I certainly do not understand it. But I find it beautiful nonetheless.”

  • MIU MIU, 2010


For Miu Miu’s spring 2010 collection, designer seemed to combine Magritte’s Golconda with Henri Matisse’s dancers , and threw in some kitties and doggies for good fun. She said of her inspiration, “I was questioning youth. What do they mean today in a world that’s the opposite?”

  • Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, 2011


There was Man Ray and, for Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s fall 2011 collection, “Woman/Ray.” The designer was inspired by the surrealist photographer’s Glass Tears and The Violin of Ingres, among other works, creating a range of black-and-white pieces, like this gender-bending printed one-shouldered dress.”The surrealists showed a mysterious side to women at the same time that fashion magazines were showing a glamorous side of women, “Castelbajac explained.

  • Diane von Furstenberg,2012


” It is all about seduction.It is bold. It is daring.It is strong. And it has humor,” said Diane von Furstenberg of her fall 2012 show titled “Rendezvous.” The humor came courtesy of surrealism, with lips and clocks accenting handbags, beaded eyes embellishing dresses, and trompe l’ceil hands placed in such a way that you just had to wonder what kind of meeting the designer had in mind!

  • Dior, 2013


In Man Ray’s Les Larmes, the model’s teardrops were fashioned out of glass . In Raf Simon’s fall 2013 collection for Dior, the eye’s teardrops are made out of keyholes, outlined in glitter. And that’s the way we prefer it, of course.



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