Final work photography rotation 29/09/16




After I have done research about old and modern surrealist artists,photographers and I saw their different works , my mind has started to think in more creative way. And I begun to see some interesting details in our ordinary life.

I have started my work with photo of hand, which is holding a chocolate bar instead of door. After practicing some exercises in Photoshop, I tried to flip my photo. Firstly, I flipped canvas horizontal and I really liked the idea of united hands. Secondly, I changed the curves of my picture. I have endeavored to to make it more interesting and in surrealism style, than the original photo.

As you can see, all hands are not located in the center of image. I have done it not accidentally, because if all hands were on the same central line, it will be too correctly and boring. If you look on my work more than 10 seconds, you will see the effect of moving hands, it is because they are not in the center.

The more you look on my photos , the more interesting details you can see on it.

For example, on this picture the part of sleeve looks like heart. The view behind looks like the original, but hands and floor are so unordinary.


The part of bicycle on this photo looks like pliers.


Here we can see that the part of sleeve reminds us a cloth-cap.


The last photo is not the same as previous. I have put the different one at the end of the whole final work, because all people look on all things in our world from the top to the bottom. So, after people have seen all my images, they expect to see something the same as in the beginning of my work, but no, there is little surprise. The photo with 2 hands, holding 2 chocolate , behind church’s doors.

Talking about the hands , that are holding my final work, I have done all 4 of them not in the same style, because I wanted to show you the people can look like other typical and ordinary people, but all we are a little bit crazy and out of mind. And we are looking inside like this unordinary hands.

Now I will tell you about my presentation and why I have done in this way. Firstly, you can see on the second picture the starting point of my presentation , than I moved out the part , where was my work. It is all because of people are scared or feel shy to show that they are unordinary, have different thoughts and special, even incomprehensible imagination. So you should show who you are, because you are special!



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