Introduction of photography 16/09/16

Exposure is a combination of 3 factors which determine the amount of light which enters your camera.

These factors are: shutter speed, aperture, ISO.

On my photography lesson we have practiced to do some photos in fast and slow shutter speed.

-Shutter Speed

shutter-speed-example.jpgMy examples of shutter speed:

img_6354S 1/125sec , F4.5 , ISO 100     2. S 2sec, F22, ISO 100

I have tried to take photos of people and transport in motion. I used my camera Nikon D7100 and tripod . I have learned that fast shutter speeds freeze movement and slow shutter speed shows movement as a “blur” whilst the background remains sharp.



My comparison between a “shallow depth of field” and a “deep depth of field” :


  1. A 1/25sec, F4.8, ISO100    2. A1/25sec, F4.8, ISO100

Aperture ( also known as f/stop) is how large the iris (or eye) of your lens opens up. Depth of field is how much of the area, measuring away from my camera, is in focus.




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