The start of FAD Photography Project 14/09/16

Our project is Surrealism. Before now I was familiar only with two surrealist artists -Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. By exploring Surrealism I found out about many  photographers and illustrators,whose works interest me. In the past I could not even think that surrealism is very exciting, because I thought it is too weird and unintelligible.

Firstly, I acquainted with Man Ray`s creative work such as Rayographs , also people calling them Photograms.


A photogram is a picture made on photographic paper without the aid of a camera. Due to our lessons, I have tried to do some rayographs in the dark room. It was really interesting to experiment with different objects, light and fluids for development the photos.



I made this photos without a camera by placing objects such as sunglasses, glass balls, DVD discs and etc. I used them directly on a sheet of photosensitized paper and exposing it to light.

The more the picture is unclear , the more it became interesting, because you will want to spend more time to explore and understand it.





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