Final work photography rotation 29/09/16




After I have done research about old and modern surrealist artists,photographers and I saw their different works , my mind has started to think in more creative way. And I begun to see some interesting details in our ordinary life.

I have started my work with photo of hand, which is holding a chocolate bar instead of door. After practicing some exercises in Photoshop, I tried to flip my photo. Firstly, I flipped canvas horizontal and I really liked the idea of united hands. Secondly, I changed the curves of my picture. I have endeavored to to make it more interesting and in surrealism style, than the original photo.

As you can see, all hands are not located in the center of image. I have done it not accidentally, because if all hands were on the same central line, it will be too correctly and boring. If you look on my work more than 10 seconds, you will see the effect of moving hands, it is because they are not in the center.

The more you look on my photos , the more interesting details you can see on it.

For example, on this picture the part of sleeve looks like heart. The view behind looks like the original, but hands and floor are so unordinary.


The part of bicycle on this photo looks like pliers.


Here we can see that the part of sleeve reminds us a cloth-cap.


The last photo is not the same as previous. I have put the different one at the end of the whole final work, because all people look on all things in our world from the top to the bottom. So, after people have seen all my images, they expect to see something the same as in the beginning of my work, but no, there is little surprise. The photo with 2 hands, holding 2 chocolate , behind church’s doors.

Talking about the hands , that are holding my final work, I have done all 4 of them not in the same style, because I wanted to show you the people can look like other typical and ordinary people, but all we are a little bit crazy and out of mind. And we are looking inside like this unordinary hands.

Now I will tell you about my presentation and why I have done in this way. Firstly, you can see on the second picture the starting point of my presentation , than I moved out the part , where was my work. It is all because of people are scared or feel shy to show that they are unordinary, have different thoughts and special, even incomprehensible imagination. So you should show who you are, because you are special!



World Fashion Moments Inspired by Surrealism 28/09/16 (research)

My topic in photography rotation is Surrealism , and as I am interested in fashion and I want to chose it as my main specialization, I have done some research of World Fashion Moments Inspired by Surrealism.

  • Marc Jacobs , 2008


” I do like the idea of not real , because everything is real in some way and it is sort of misplacing or taking things out of context that makes them odd,interesting, and different,” said Marc Jacobs of the impetus behind his spring 2008 “backwards” collection, in which the show was presented in reverse, models wore hats featuring eyes, multiple handbags were dissected and patched together, and heels were placed on the wrong end of shoes, among other surrealistic pranks. ” It is all very confusing , and I certainly do not understand it. But I find it beautiful nonetheless.”

  • MIU MIU, 2010


For Miu Miu’s spring 2010 collection, designer seemed to combine Magritte’s Golconda with Henri Matisse’s dancers , and threw in some kitties and doggies for good fun. She said of her inspiration, “I was questioning youth. What do they mean today in a world that’s the opposite?”

  • Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, 2011


There was Man Ray and, for Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s fall 2011 collection, “Woman/Ray.” The designer was inspired by the surrealist photographer’s Glass Tears and The Violin of Ingres, among other works, creating a range of black-and-white pieces, like this gender-bending printed one-shouldered dress.”The surrealists showed a mysterious side to women at the same time that fashion magazines were showing a glamorous side of women, “Castelbajac explained.

  • Diane von Furstenberg,2012


” It is all about seduction.It is bold. It is daring.It is strong. And it has humor,” said Diane von Furstenberg of her fall 2012 show titled “Rendezvous.” The humor came courtesy of surrealism, with lips and clocks accenting handbags, beaded eyes embellishing dresses, and trompe l’ceil hands placed in such a way that you just had to wonder what kind of meeting the designer had in mind!

  • Dior, 2013


In Man Ray’s Les Larmes, the model’s teardrops were fashioned out of glass . In Raf Simon’s fall 2013 collection for Dior, the eye’s teardrops are made out of keyholes, outlined in glitter. And that’s the way we prefer it, of course.


Development of my idea 23/09/16

Chocolate Doors



On the photo, where chocolate bars are behind the church’s doors , I have tried to make effect of old doors with help of mixing two colors: brown and green.

I really enjoyed the process of painting chocolates with acrylic paints. I think that you should try to do something unordinary with simple things, because it makes our life more interesting and memorable. Our life consists of instants and moments.

Here you can see some more ideas to show surrealism:

– Curves changingIMG_6358.jpg

-Chocolate mixing




– Application of exercise in Photoshop in test pieces for my project




Exercises in Photoshop 23/09/16


I have chose two pictures from the internet and one of my photo with door and I have made them more interesting and not so ordinary as they look in life. In Photoshop’s Image Rotation I flipped the canvas horizontal,then saved it as a new file and after I changed the size of it and changed some curves to make it in surrealism style. I really liked how my photo of doors looks like and I am planning to do this exercise with my test pieces for the final work.

Introduction of photography 16/09/16

Exposure is a combination of 3 factors which determine the amount of light which enters your camera.

These factors are: shutter speed, aperture, ISO.

On my photography lesson we have practiced to do some photos in fast and slow shutter speed.

-Shutter Speed

shutter-speed-example.jpgMy examples of shutter speed:

img_6354S 1/125sec , F4.5 , ISO 100     2. S 2sec, F22, ISO 100

I have tried to take photos of people and transport in motion. I used my camera Nikon D7100 and tripod . I have learned that fast shutter speeds freeze movement and slow shutter speed shows movement as a “blur” whilst the background remains sharp.



My comparison between a “shallow depth of field” and a “deep depth of field” :


  1. A 1/25sec, F4.8, ISO100    2. A1/25sec, F4.8, ISO100

Aperture ( also known as f/stop) is how large the iris (or eye) of your lens opens up. Depth of field is how much of the area, measuring away from my camera, is in focus.



Minimalism&Abstract Expressionism 27/09/16

Abstract Expressionist painters explored new ways of creating art, reinvigorating and reinventing the medium. They changed the nature of painting with their large, abstract canvases, energetic and gestural lines, and new artistic processes. Many artists experimented with nontraditional materials, such as commercial paints and housepainter’s brushes. Artists also developed new techniques to apply paint, such as moving the canvas from the easel to the floor and working on unstretched and unprimed canvas. With these unconventional ways of painting, the Abstract Expressionists sought new forms of self-expression and personal freedom in their work.

I want to start with Jackson Pollocks work  Number 34, 1949. I liked his method of drawing formless painting called “dripping” , when you do not think about the result of your work and the main thing is the process of creating your piece. We can see chaotic,colourful  sprays , that to be quite honest, do not have such an important sense.


Minimal Art emerged as a movement in the 1950s and continued through the Sixties and Seventies. It is a term used to describe paintings and sculpture that thrive on simplicity in both content and form, and seek to remove any sign of personal expressivity. The aim of Minimalism is to allow the viewer to experience the work more intensely without the distractions of composition, theme and so on.

Minimalist paintings are usually precise and ‘hard-edged’, referring to the abrupt transitions between color areas. They incorporate geometric forms, often in repetitive patterns, resulting in flat, two-dimensional space.Color areas are generally of one solid, unvarying color . Colors were normally unmixed, coming straight from the tube. The colour palette is often limited.Through this use of only line, solid color, geometric forms and shaped canvas, the minimalist artists combined paint and canvas in such a way that the two became inseparable.


Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black, Gray, and Blue (1921)

The simplification of the pictorial elements was essential for Mondrian’s creation of a new abstract art, distinct from Cubism and Futurism. The assorted blocks of color and lines of differing width create rhythms that ebb and flow across the surface of the canvas, echoing the varied rhythm of modern life. The composition is asymmetrical, as in all of his mature paintings, with one large dominant block of color, here red, balanced by distribution of the smaller blocks of yellow, blue gray, and white around it. This style has been quoted by many artists and designers in all aspects of culture since the 1920s.

Collage in Dada&Surrealism Style 21/09/16

On my photography lesson I had to do a collage with 4 objects , that I have picked randomly. After that, I have created an illustration story about mountain,plate,soldier and river. I have tried to combine this things in a single unit.  Every person, who will see my work, will have their own opinion and thoughts, even their own story about it.

Doing this collage , I have learned that is is quite possibile to combine not very connecting objects . It is real to find a connection between different things.